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Membership in the ADA and Leg Bands for doves

Join now and receive:

  • The complete DoveLine newsletter , published quarterly. Content includes informative articles on all dove species, ADA announcements, human interest stories, and a free "Club Classifieds" doves "for sale" or "wanted," and product advertising. Special features include articles on most asked questions about doves, genetics, information (including photographs) on aviaries and dovecotes, helpful hints, and special interest notes on keeping pet doves.
  • A complete Membership and Breeders Directory for networking with dove enthusiasts around the world. The Directory includes a listing of doves kept by the members and an additional listing by state and country.
  • Information targeted at the novice, the pet dove owner, the small collector, and the experienced large breeder of Ringneck, Diamond, and Exotics or Foreign Doves.
  • The opportunity for participation in the annual National Young Bird Show with judging, awards, and sale of doves. For members participating in the Show, trophies and rosettes are awarded for "Champion Ringneck Dove," "Champion Diamond Dove," "Champion Silky Dove," and Reserve Champion Ringneck and Diamond Doves, as well as winners in color mutation classifications.
  • The chance to purchase dove bands and several publications concerning care and keeping doves, and on color mutations. Stay up-to-date with technology and information relevant to genetics and breeding of doves.
  • DOVE BANDS 2020 Dove Bands are available!! We plan to have direct links for buying bands soon. Bands are sold to ADA members only. The minimum order is 5 bands and the bands are sold in increments of 5. (5,10, 15, 20, etc.), state the type of dove or breed and how many you want. The price is $2.50 per 5 bands. Shipping is $4 on any size order. At this time to purchase bands you must contact me directly by email just click my name Denny Stapp.
  • If you prefer to mail in payment rather than pay on line CLICK HERE

Annual Membership Types

Regular Membership Subscription



Senior Membership Subscription

$21/year (60 & older)


Junior Membership Subscription

$15/year (17 and younger)


Family Membership Subscription



International Membership Subscription

$25 USD sent by email only



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