Membership Application

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Phone Fax
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I sell doves: Yes No
You may publish my phone # in the ADA Membership Directory: Yes No
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$25.00 Regular US membership

$25.00 International (subscription sent by email only no physical copy sent)
$21.00 Senior Citizen (60 years and older)
$15.00 Junior (17 years and younger)
$26.50 Family (husband/wife, father/son, etc., same address)

Please list which doves you keep in the box below. For Ringnecks & Diamonds please include colors.

This information will be listed in the breeder Directory unless you indicate otherwise.

If you are planning to mail in payment then please PRINT THIS FORM and send it with payment to:

Steve Truss , Membership Secretary
4500 West 700 S
Wabash, IN 46992-8229