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Welcome to the website of the American Dove Association. I am James Kell, the president of the ADA. I would like to personally welcome you and invite you to browse our website where you will learn how to take advantage of membership in our wonderful association. ADA members are devoted to raising all types of doves, from Ringneck and Diamond doves, to the many varieties of exotic doves. And as an Association, we strive to inform and support our members whether they have only one dove or a hundred, no matter the species. We Love Doves.

We truly are an international dove club with members from the US, Canada, and many other countries. We enjoy a strong core membership of some 500 members including people enjoying one pet dove; caring social workers sharing their doves with children, elderly and the handicapped; knowledgeable breeders and academics; some of the most experienced dove keepers in the country; along with enthusiastic hobbyists of all kinds. We take pride in our ability to share our knowledge about our hobby and our beloved doves with others through this wonderful and extensive website as well as through the DoveLine, one of the finest newsletters of it kind. I would also like to invite you to attend one of our ADA sanctioned shows. Our shows cover from the West coast to the East, with the largest being the National Young Bird Show (NYBS) held in Louisville, KY each October. The ADA recognizes seventeen colors in Diamond doves and thirty eight in Ringneck doves which always makes for a beautiful exhibition.

Once you have joined the ADA, the ADA belongs to You! This Website and the DoveLine are for you and your benefit. So, please let us know how we can best serve and support you. What are you interested in? What do you want to read about? What do you want to see pictures of? How can we best serve your needs as dove owners and breeders? Please contact us and let us know.

Again, welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy your visit.

© Copyright 2010 American Dove Association, Inc.