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Thank you for visiting the American Dove Association website. You are invited to browse and learn how to take advantage of a membership in The ADA. Our members are devoted to raising many varieties of doves: ringnecks, diamonds, and many species of exotic doves. The ADA is geared for anyone who keeps doves of any kind in any capacity, be it as pets, exhibition, preservation, or for profit.

We enjoy a strong core membership of some 300 members which includes some of the most experienced dove keepers in the world who are eager to share their vast knowledge of genetics, showmanship, the availability and the care and housing of doves. We take pride in our ability to share our knowledge about the hobby and our beloved doves with others through this extensive website as well as through the DoveLine; one of the finest newsletters of its kind. In magazine format, it consists of 16 to 20 pages per issue, some of which are in full color, and is full of many entertaining and informative articles. Classified ads are free to our members. Anyone is welcome to submit writings. Members are also invited and encouraged to attend one of our ADA sanctioned shows. There are several of these throughout the US with the largest being the National Young Bird Show (NYBS) held in Louisville, KY each October. At this show you may see seventeen recognized colors of Diamond doves and more than 40 varieties of Ringneck doves. At these shows, exhibitors are able to earn points towards a Master Breeder Certificate. The shows are also a great opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas, buy and sell doves, make friends, and learn the finer points of exhibiting.

With your paid membership this website, a Facebook page, and the DoveLine Newsletter are for your benefit and enjoyment. Please let us know how we can best serve and support you in this satisfying and rewarding hobby. Welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Denny Stapp


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